Useful Information

Board members
President Deanna Quinn
Director Rick Albert
Vice President Peter Arnell
Treasurer Joe Nicotera
Secretary Michael Farnworth

If you wish to comment on your stay at Windsor Hills, please contact:

Contacts Phone Fax Email
Welcome Center 407-787-4255 407-787-4258
Gatehouse 407-397-1464
Mears Transportation 407-870-5553
Taxis 407-847-8777
Dentist 407-303-4000
Doctor 407-390-188

(Doctor is a walk-in at nearby Formosa Gardens)

Consulates Phone
British 407-254-3300
Canadian 305-579-1607
Irish 239-649-1001
Norwegian 305-358-4386
Icelandic 850-878-1146
German 305-358-0290
French 305-403-4150
Brazillian 305-285-6200

Please DO NOT park on the roads ,pavements, sidewalks or grass. Please “DO NOT reserve chairs or sunbeds.

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