Children's Playgrounds

While Windsor Hills owners and guests often come to Orlando to visit Walt Disney World and the many theme parks, many have wonderful memories of the relaxing evenings spent just “staying home”! A favorite activity for children and adults alike is a visit to one of Windsor Hills several playgrounds.

Located on the corner of Dinville St and Teascone Blvd, just a short walk from the Windsor Hills clubhouse, you will find a fabulous play area for the children. The Windsor Hills Castle Playground is a unique, castle themed playground that has something for everyone! Complete with tunnels, slides, and multi-levels for climbing and exploring, there are also swings, ride-on toys and a dragon sand area to entertain the children for hours.

In addition, there are several smaller playground areas throughout the community. These are perfect for toddlers - with a small slide and climbing area surrounded by beautiful landscape and benches for mom and dad!

Note: these playgrounds are for children under 12 years of age.

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