Trash Collection

At Windsor Hills, each condominium, town home and pool home is equipped with a bench-mate to store trash until it is collected. The bench-mate for your home is located just outside the front door of the home. Trash will be collected after 7:00 am every day except for Wednesdays and National Holidays. We ask that owners and guests help us by doing the following:

Do not put loose trash inside the bench-mate. All trash and garbage must be placed inside trash bags.

Do not put liquids in the trash bags or inside the bench-mate. Pour all liquids in the kitchen sink.

Please close the bags securely, and place in the bench-mate. Close lid on the Bench-Mate securely.

If you have large trash items or boxes which cannot be placed inside trash bags and/or the bench-mate, you can take them to one of the three community trash compactors in Windsor Hills. The trash compactors are located at 7650 Comrow Street, 2610 Dinville Street, 2600 Archfeld Blvd or the RECREATION PARK at 7721 Comrow Street. Please note: The compactors are NOT to be used for large items of furniture,mattresses etc.

If you have any questions, please contact our Welcome Desk at 407-787-4255.

National Holidays are as follows:

  • New Years Day - January 1st
  • Memorial Day - May
  • Independence Day - July 4th
  • Labor Day - September
  • Thanksgiving Day - November
  • Christmas Day - December 25th

Please note: It is VERY IMPORTANT you do not leave any food outside of the trash bags. Ants will find it almost immediately & could find their way into your home.

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