Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I've been told I must have a ticket of some kind to enter the resort?
A: - Every guest should have been provided with a rental voucher by the owner, management company or rental agent. Keep this voucher available for your first visit as it will contain the address where you are staying, your details & the length of your stay. After validating the voucher the Security Officer will issue you a parking pass. This pass allows you free access in & out the resort after a quick inspection by security. The pass allows you entry into the pool area,game room and fitness center.

2 - . On the parking pass on the left side it has a Smart Key Code on it which is a series of numbers that they need to enter into keypad at entrance to pool.

Q: Are the security guys allowed to stop me anytime?
A: Yes. In order to protect all owners, guests and property, security are authorized to stop and search any vehicle. This is very rare, but they will always check the hangtag.

Car parking

Q: We are staying in a home with 5 bedrooms & our family will have 4 cars. The garage is used as a games room, so can two cars park on the road?
A: Parking is not permitted on any of the resort roads, pavements, side walks or grass areas. An overflow car park is situated beside the tennis courts. Offending vehicles will be towed at drivers expense.

Q: I have brought my RV/jet ski/boat/camper/trailer with me to Windsor Hills. Can I park it on the drive?
A: No. Any of the vehicles described, or over sized vehicles must be parked in the over flow car park. A permit is required & can be obtained from the Welcome Center. Campers may not be used for overnight accommodation under any circumstances. Offending vehicles will be towed at drivers expense.

Damage to resort

Q: If I see something damaged on the resort, like a broken pavement or sprinkler head, who should I report it to?
A: In the index of this website you will find a “problem reporting” page. Please complete this form & the matter will be dealt with.


Q: Who can give me directions or Google something for me?
A: The Guest Relations team will be happy to provide these services to you It is very important you use the correct query if using a satnav system for directions to the resort. Please use 2600 N.Old Lake Wilson Road, Kissimmee FL 34747 or you will arrive at the rear gate,which you can't use.


Q: What do I do if I am disturbed late at night by excessive noise?
A: Please call the sheriff immediately on 407-348-2222 & as soon as possible also call the office on 407-787-4255

Guest Relations

Q: Is there a guest relations desk where I can obtain info & possibly purchase discount tickets for entrance to the parks?
A: Yes. Our Guest Relations desk is in the main reception of the Welcome Center. Joseph or Zorida will be pleased to assist with your queries. They can arrange for discount attraction tickets, shuttle buses, golfing trips and many other activities. The desk is open 10am-4pm and outside of these times, the reception staff will assist.

Pool passes

Q: Where do I obtain a pool pass?
A: The security guards will issue guests with a voucher containing a code to allow them entry into the games room and pool area.


Q: Can I reserve a chair, lounge or sunbed?
A: Definitely not. Any towels found on pool furniture without an occupant will be removed.

Q: Will the lifeguard look after my kids while I go to my unit for lunch?
A: Definitely not. The pool attendant is for the safety of people using the slide & the pool only.


Q: Can my youngest son age 8 use the giant slide at the communal pool?
A: All users of the slide must be at least forty two inches tall, irrespective of age.

Problems with the home I rented

Q: The phone in our home is not working. Do I report it to you?
A: No. Any problems inside the home or with the home's pool should be reported to the home owner or the company you booked through.

Rear Gate

Q: I have seen some cars entering the resort through the rear (Livingston Road) gate. Can we use that gate?
A: No. the rear gate is for the owners of homes and certain authorized companies only. They have a special smart card that operates the gate.


Q: Does the resort have any rules?
A: Yes. These may be obtained from the Welcome Center. Or under the category Community Information

Sundry Store

Q: When is the Sundry Store open?
A: Summer (April 1st-Sept 30th) 8am-9pm/Winter (October 1st-March 31st) 8am-7pm

Q: Does the store carry all usual convenience store products?
A: Yes, the store carries a very comprehensive stock of food and consumables.
It also serves hot and cold food and soft and alcoholic drinks

Food pack

Q: Can I order a food pack in advance of my arrival?
A: The Sundry Store will arrange this for you. Phone 407-390-9299 or email

Security guards

Q: Will the security guards attend a reported noisy party?
A: No. The security team are for gate duties only. In the unlikely event of any troublemaking we ask guests to phone the sheriff immediately on 407-348-2222 and then the office on 407-787-4255

Shuttle Bus

Q: Is there a shuttle bus service to the parks & shopping malls?
A: Yes. There is a taxi stand right outside reception and shuttle buses can be arranged for trips to the airport,shopping malls or parks. Reception carries a price list.

Speed Limit

Q: Is there a speed limit in the resort?
A: Yes. It is 25mph.

Quiet times

Q: Does the resort have a “quiet time”?
A: Yes, between 11pm & 7am daily.

Welcome Center

Q: When is reception open?
A: 8am-10pm each day.

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