Resort rules & guidance (revised April 2013 )

Welcome to the wonderful Windsor Hills Community !!!.The Association wants everyone to enjoy their vacation at Windsor Hills & have drawn together a list of simple rules we request all owners & guests to follow.

Please note: Failure to comply with our rules can lead to immediate eviction from the resort at the sole discretion of the Community Association Manager

Entry and Guest Access Cards

1 - Every guest should have been provided with a rental voucher by the owner, management company or rental agent. Keep this voucher available for your first visit as it will contain the address where you are staying, your details & the length of your stay. After validating the voucher, together with photo ID, the Security Officer will issue you a parking pass. This pass allows you free access in & out the resort after a quick inspection by security. The pass allows you entry into the pool area,game room and fitness center.

2 - . On the parking pass on the left side it has a Smart Key Code on it which is a series of numbers that they need to enter into keypad at entrance to pool.

Please note: All owners, management companies & rental agents are fully aware of the need for a rental voucher. If it is misplaced or otherwise can't be located,access into the resort and the guest access card will be denied.

We have procedures in place to ensure guests vacations are not ruined by owners or management companies not adhering to the Association's legal documents and membership qualifications. If you are affected by this, please do not blame our employees who are acting under direct orders from the Board of Directors to stop unauthorized entry into the resort. In certain circumstances there may be difficulties with the homeowner’s membership of the Associations.

Dress code

Appropriate clothing must be worn in the Sundry Shop, Welcome Center or Clubhouse lounge area, consisting of shorts/trousers, shirt or blouse & footwear.

Soft soled shoes & appropriate clothing must be worn in the Fitness Centre & for all of the outdoor activities.

Wet bath suits are not allowed in the shop due to health code.

Safety & security

Windsor Hills is a family oriented resort & we have a designated “quiet time” between 11pm & 7am. Please respect this request & remember to keep noise down, particularly in the open at nights. Noise from talking & music around your pool & elsewhere carries a long way in the mild Florida climate. Excessive noise can be reported to the sheriff on 407-348-2222 and they will come and handle the problem. If there is an immediate emergency dial 911

We encourage all owners & guests to immediately report any suspicious behaviour to the sheriff on 407-348-2222 (non emergency) & then to the Windsor Hills management on 407-787-4255. In the event of any thefts occurring please report to the sheriff & then as soon as possible, complete an incident report with the assistance of staff at the Welcome Centre.


We operate a zero tolerance policy toward anyone annoying other guests.

We will not tolerate excessive noise, anti social behaviour, including the use of foul language in public areas, discrimination of any type, drunkenness or any action which upsets the peace & tranquillity for other guests. Abusive or threatening behaviour toward any member of staff, owner or guests will result in eviction from the resort.

We advise guests to phone the sheriff on 407-348-2222 in the event of any of the above behaviour & then report it to the Welcome Center at the earliest opportunity. The Association has direct contact with almost all of the owners or rental agents & will not hesitate to request the immediate eviction of any guests who are behaving badly. Please note the Security staff at the gates are NOT authorized to deal with any incidents as described above. Their duties are confined to the gate houses.


Vehicles are not permitted to park on the resort roads, sidewalks footpaths or grass areas. Vehicles must be parked either on the home driveway, or in a designated space of which there are plenty.

There are certain exceptions to this rule:

  • Vehicles may park on the road for loading & unloading purposes.
  • Vehicles servicing a home may park on the road for a short time when heavy goods or equipment are being carried.

The resort has a speed limit of 25 mph throughout.

Vehicles are not permitted to park on roads or footpaths at the express request of the emergency services. The resort roads are quite narrow & it is awkward for vehicles to overtake a parked vehicle & can be very dangerous for pedestrians when vehicles are parked on side walks. There is an overflow car park near the tennis courts that may be used. Offending vehicles will be towed if the driver ignores a request to move.

Boats, trailers, commercial vehicles, oversize vehicles RV’s & campers are not permitted to park on driveways or roads. We have an over sized vehicle park close to the tennis courts. A permit is required which is available from Security. This permit is time limited & is not chargeable.

Overnight camping is not permitted in the over sized car park or anywhere in the resort.

RV vehicles must be parked in the over size car park, but under no circumstances may they be used for overnight sleeping arrangements. . In exceptional circumstances the Community Association Manager may authorize different parking arrangements, but this is at her sole discretion. Drivers of vehicles ignoring our parking requirements will receive a warning at the address they are staying in. Repeat offending will result in towing at the driver's expense.

Outdoor activities

Equipment for all outdoor activities can be obtained in the Welcome Center.

There is no charge for using the equipment, but a small deposit is requested.

Please contact the Welcome Center for further details.


Animals are not permitted in the Ventura (condo) buildings, Ventura grounds or recreation areas.

Dogs are permitted in the Enclave & Townhome areas, but Osceola County has a leash policy which means they must be on a leash at all times in the common areas. Owners must pick up messes immediately.

The Pool & deck areas

  • No glassware of any description is permitted in the communal pool area, Sundry Shop, games room or fitness center. this includes drinking glasses, glass bottles & any crockery made of breakable porcelain or china type materials. Only plastic or paper glasses, bottles & crockery is allowed in the entire pool area.
  • Drink & food are not permitted in the games room
  • It is not permitted to reserve any chairs or sunbeds by placing towels or other objects on them. It is simply not fair on other guests at busy times The staff monitor the chairs & sunbeds & any found to be unused for more than one hour will have any reservation item removed.
  • Running or playing any type of ball game is prohibited on the pool deck.
  • Suntan oil & similar products may block the pool filter & drain so must be removed by having a shower before entering the pool.
  • Children under the age of 16 are not permitted at the pool unless under the direct supervision of a responsible adult.
  • Swim or play in the pool at your own risk
  • All radios, cd’s, i-pods etc in the pool area must be used with earphones.
  • Pets are not allowed anywhere in the clubhouse or pool areas ( except guide or hearing dogs )
  • Persons with open sores, cuts or communicable diseases may not enter the pool.
  • Diapered children MUST wear rubber pants in the pool or the pool area.
  • Food & drink must be kept at least 10 feet away from the pool edge.

Please DO NOT hold the gates open for another person when entering the pool area. Only owners & authorized guests have a “pool pass” to prevent entry by unauthorized persons.

  • Only children over 42 inches tall may use the slide. On first arrival they may be measured for height against the “flamingo” & issued with a wristband to enable them entry to the slide.
  • Only one person at a time is allowed on the slide.
  • The pool attendant monitors the slide. They are not permitted to become child minders under any circumstances. They are also not “lifeguards” for the rest of the pool.
  • The pool area will be cleared in the event of bad weather, lightning or thunder becoming apparent. It will remain closed for at least 30 minutes afterwards.
  • Wagering (betting) is not permitted in the clubhouse area. Smoking is not permitted in any of the clubhouse buildings.


Please see postings in the Welcome Center

Games room

The ATM & DVD kiosk are serviced by the supplying company .If you have a problem with these machines, please report it to the Welcome Center, but be aware the staff can’t replace money lost in the machines. A procedure is in place that the staff will explain.

Fitness centre

  • It is strongly recommended you consult with your physician prior to beginning any exercise program.
  • Members & guests may use the fitness centre at your own risk
  • Children under the age of 18 years are not permitted in the fitness centre
  • Photo ID may be required
  • Everyone using the fitness centre is asked to bring a towel to wipe down the equipment after use.
  • Tennis or soft soled shoes must be worn at all times in the fitness centre
  • A code for entry into the fitness centre can be obtained from the Welcome Center


  • Play areas are for children under 12 years
  • No glass or foodstuffs allowed in the play areas
  • Children must be supervised by an appropriate adult at all times
  • Proper footwear must be worn in the play areas.
  • No pets allowed in the playgrounds

Picnic grill areas ( beside tennis courts )

  • Multiple grills are available
  • They require charcoal or packaged briquettes
  • Trash containers & charcoal containers for used charcoal are provided
  • Picnic tables are provided
  • Please clean off tables & grills after use

Tennis, basketball, volleyball courts & putting green

  • Please wear suitable light clothing & soft soled shoes for the courts
  • Courts are operated on a “first come first served “ basis
  • Lights are turned off after use, Please keep noise to a minimum
  • Please vacate the courts after one hour if anyone is waiting


  • All trash & garbage must be placed inside plastic trash bags, closed securely & placed in the receptacle or bench for collection. Do not put liquid in the bags.
  • Collection is every day except Wednesdays & Public Holidays
  • Large packaging or other items may be disposed of at the waste compactors located at Dinville Street,Comrow Street, Daulby Street & Archfeld.

Effective June 2013 we have a recycling plant located in the oversize car park. Guests and owners may take clean cardboard, glass and plastic bottles plus aluminium cans to this unit at any time.


We have a NO SOLICITING policy & this is strictly enforced. Any vendor found to be placing flyers will be ejected from the resort. Anyone witnessing the leaving of flyers is requested to immediately phone the office on 407-787-4255


  • Temporary structures such as tents and all permanent structures require prior written approval by the Homeowners Associations Architectural Control Committees and possibly Osceola County.
  • Unapproved structures will be removed by the Community Association Manager and the homeowner will be fined
  • Contact the Welcome Center for further details

Internet Cafe

  • Located in the Welcome Center.
  • Cost is $10 for the first 60 minutes. Additional time can be purchased in 15 minute increments
  • We have printing, fax and scanner facilities
  • No food or drinks permitted in this room

Guest Relations

  • The Guest Relations desk is located in the Welcome Center.
  • Opening times are 10:00-6:30 Tuesday-Saturday
  • Welcome Center staff will assist outside these times
  • Joseph or Zorida will assist you with any queries you may have about the resort and information about the hundreds of attractions and services available in the Orlando area.
  • They can arrange discount tickets for the theme parks, golf, car rental,cycle & grill rental or virtually any other item to add to your enjoyment of staying at Windsor Hills.
  • Please note: We can't assist with any problems within your rented home,in this unlikely event you must contact the homeowner direct or the Management Company


Each home is designed to sleep a certain number of people. This means two people per bedroom, including children. Every properly licensed home has a certificate showing the total occupancy permitted by law. We will not tolerate overcrowding of homes and we will evict persons in excess of the safe number.

Food Delivery

All owners and guests must notify security (407-397-1464) of any food delivery orders they made and the company involved.

Any delivery not notified to the guards and without a contact phone number for customer will be denied access.


The Community Association Manager is Ms Aura Zelada.

Aura & her team are dedicated to make your vacation enjoyable. She welcomes feedback, good or bad, but please remember she is dealing with dozens of issues every day & has to prioritize. She can be contacted on 407-787-4255.

The Board of Directors of the Windsor Hills Master Community Association can be contacted any time on

The rules and collection policies are revised occasionally. If you require up to date information on these subjects, please contact Aura.

We hope you have a wonderful vacation at Windsor Hills & hope to see you again.

Thank you in advance.

The Windsor Hills Master Community Association Inc.

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