September 2017 update on pool improvements

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September 2017 update on pool improvements

Post by stanNelson » Sat Sep 02, 2017 7:03 am

Dear Windsor Hills Owners, Property Managers and Booking Agents,

The Board of Directors and the Advisory Committee/Working Group are proud to announce the start of the Pool Enhancement Project!

The Pool Enhancement Project is a major refurb around the north section of the pool deck, tentatively scheduled to begin the week of September 18. It is scheduled to be completed by the January 31, 2018.

We do not anticipate closing the community pool except for a few hours at a time during the project and we will clearly post details on any closures at various places around the community, specifically in the Ventura elevators, the Clubhouse breezeway and the Front Guard House. Updated information will also be available at the Welcome Center.

The final construction product will be a variation of what was posted last year on the owner’s forum that got everyone really excited!

1. The existing hot tub spa will be removed. This is where the interactive water feature for children will be located!
2. A new spa/hot tub will be built in the location of the existing dancing waters. The new spa will be oval shape and about 10’ by 15’. A little larger than the current spa. It will be flush with the pool deck. The construction of the new hot tub is scheduled to start mid-October 2017!
3. Dueling slides, 2 slides, side by side, with a run out vs. being dumped into a pool like the current slide! The dueling slide will be built between the interactive water feature and the pool entrance to Ventura.
4. The Ventura pool entrance will be moved over about 20 feet east.

Attached is a diagram of the construction location and preliminary drawings of the interactive water feature and the dueling slide. The floor will be a solid blue instead of the wavy multiple colored as shown in the drawings.

This project has taken over a year to design and finalize. It is a construction project. The engineers have studied and analyzed the location, and have tried to anticipate and plan for foreseeable issues. This is a multimillion dollar project that will help Windsor Hills stay competitive with other communities. Please be sure to tell your guests that there will be construction near the community pool.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the Advisory Committee/Working Group, thank you for your continued support and patience!
Aura Zelada, LCAM
General Manager
Pool Enhancement Construction Map and Drawings 08-17-2017.pdf
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